Access Control

By using the Access Control Systems (ACS), you can process and facilitate effective supervision and safety of employees with a fully integrated access management database.

By integrating with other building systems, you'll make managing access permission more productive.

For the facility that requires a stand-alone access control system. Armada is capable of designing to our client specifications a system that provides effective means of controlling access to designated areas with the appropriate levels of security maintained.

Fully networked online access control systems are designed to incorporate all the necessary peripheral devices to control, monitor and have visual display of the plant and building. This system provides the total integrated access control and alarm monitoring system for leading organizations with the complete recording of event information.

With the ACS provided by ARMADA, you are going to maximize productivity and flexibility, while also reducing costs and risks. Moreover, you can leverage and combine the individual strengths of separate building systems into one seamlessly integrated platform, using open architecture and industry standards for complete control of your building, security, energy, surveillance and life safety systems.

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