When it comes to the hotel business, Armada is not only a solution provider but an expert in experience management. The hotels can benefit not only from delivering unique value to the customers but also from efficient management of their hotel services.

With Armada products and automation solutions, you can collect regular data on customer behavior that will guide you to enhance the experience you offer and provide the metrics for energy-saving opportunities.

Room Controllers control all the functions in the room as a central device. Due to its modular design, it can be adapted flexibly to the required functionality. On-site installation enables short assembly and commissioning times. A structured cable entry creates clarity and flexibility for changes in function both during planning and operation. A room controller serves as a central operational control for presence-dependent functions, room temperature, lighting, security, drapes, and service requests via social networks.

Room Controllers provided by Armada ensure the flexibility to adapt control scenarios that can fit any kind of hotel rooms and user cases. Availability of different interfaces and a lot of inputs and outputs make these devices universal for any electronic control system.